10 momenten uit de Merit Summit om te delen

Dossiers Internationaal

Hieronder geef ik je graag tien keypoints/quotes/inzichten/tips die ik jullie niet wilde onthouden

PS: het congres was volledig in het Engels, vandaar ook dat ik in het Engels verslag uitbreng


Andy Habermacher (President Human Brains Foundation).

As the opening keynote he gave us wider insight into the functioning of the brain, but more importantly, he introduced two interesting models that makes all that knowledge on the brain tangible information when looking at people development.

“ Psyhological safety and a healthy brain are key in having successful teams”. Andy lists 5 criteria to make this happen:

  • Self-esteem
  • Control
  • Orientation
  • Attachment
  • Pleasure

The brain needs to be “fed” with those 5 so keep on developing!


Basic info, everyone knows this, but who does apply it correctly?

=> “Synaptic growth - or simply put – growing your brain, consists of Activation, Repetition, Exercice and sleep!"

And our brain is always on, is always learning, which makes necessary...

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