HRPro Mentor Program: Developing the next generation of HR leaders

Hrpro Oproep is dedicated to developing the next generation of HR leaders in Belgium. As part of this ambition, we are launching the HRPro Mentor Program. This program allows the young HR professional to learn from the best in the HR profession in order to personalise professional development, gain an outside perspective to workplace related challenges and target areas for career development and professional growth. This program will be part of a larger effort conducted by, to promote HR not just as a function but as a fundamental step in any career in general and in leadership development in particular.  

1) Professional development
The HRPro Mentor Program focuses on professional development of young HR professionals in the first place. In order to coach young HR professionals about the different career paths they can explore, we have designed an HR Career Roadmap.

2) Building HR professional capabilities
The Mentee can seek advice on which capabilities he/she should focus on:

  • generally required professional capabilities, like business acumen, technical skills, communication, project management, change management, leadership, coaching, negotiation, consulting, analytics, AI, …
  • HR specific capabilities, like HR models, compensation and benefits, learning and development, labour law, GDPR, talent management, wellbeing, employee relations, industrial relations, ...

3) Mentorship with senior HR leader or professional
The basic philosophy of the HRPro Mentor Program is this: The Mentee takes the driving wheel and the Mentor is his co-driver. Their relationship is based on mutually agreed objectives, expected output and timeline + confidentiality: nothing from this relationship will be disclosed without the parties’ consent. We will start with the methodology of formal mentoring.

4) Projects

Young talents need to be challenged. HRPro Mentees can participate in approved projects related to the goals of HRPro on a voluntary basis.

Our target audience

  • You have a minimum of 2 years professional experience in HR or you are switching to HR from another role.
  • You work in Belgium in public or (non-)profit sector


  • You have an experience in one or more HR functions or businesses over the last five years and have a sound vision about HR. Senior leadership or equivalent experience is a plus.
  • You have experience with mentoring/coaching or equivalent experience with managing large HR teams or successfully performed the mentoring training or an equivalent training.
  • You work in Belgium in public or (non-)profit sector

Pilot Program
We are launching a pilot program, consisting of 5 pilot mentoring tracks with members of diverse

target groups (Flanders & Wallonië/Public & profit)

To this effect, we are looking for 5 candidate mentees and 5 mentors:

  • who fit the criteria above
  • who are willing to invest the time between October 2021 and January 2022 for a minimum of 5 meetings (see below)
  • who, together with the HRPro Soundboard, will validate the HR Career Roadmap and the methodology of mentoring.

Dates & Location Pilot Program
The program consists of:

  • Online intake with candidate mentees & mentors and HRPro: October/November
  • Live Kick-off workshop with all 10 participants: November, date & location to be confirmed 
  • 3 (online or live) mentoring sessions to be scheduled by the pairs directly (NovemberDecember-January)
  • Live evaluation meeting with all 10 participants: end of January 2022, date & location to be confirmed

Interested to be a mentee or mentor?
Please contact Marleen Verstraete on behalf of HRPro for more information.