Learning Technologies – 10 people to follow on Twitter and why!

Dossiers (Internationale) Conferenties Learning Technologies
Lt Del2018

1. Rohit Talwar @fastfuture

Rohit is a futurist and gave one of the keynotes during #LTUK18. He states that a future-proof organization needs to work on three horizons

  • 1-12 months => focus on operational excellence
  • 1-3 years => focus on search for growth
  • 4-10 years => focus on understanding future drivers which will impact you

L&D needs to support this movement by building the right mindset, developing talent, work on agility and foster an innovation culture!

2. David Kelly @LnDDave

David gave us a couple of insights on “what to expect” in learning technology the coming years. On his Twitter account, you can follow his extensive backchannel on this conference and many others!

3. Isabel de Clercq @isabeldeclercq       

The only Belgian speaker at Learning Technologies. Since the launch of her book...

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