Toby Peyton-Jones on Leadership in the 4th industrial revolution at ATDEurope 2019

VOV-Nieuws Leadership & management development
Toby Atd

Close to a point where the rate of change is passing the speed of learning, both leaders and employees find themselves in an uncomfortable spot. Traditionally, we look for leaders that are visionary, that know where they are going and that put in structure. But in this case, Peyton-Jones would rather quote Woody Allen:

“Confidence is what you have when you don’t understand the problem.”

Even big companies like Siemens are afraid that they will be wiped out. Leadership, in this context is about building a culture of trust. Because you won’t go to battle with someone you won’t trust.

Secondly, Peyton-Jones claims ‘the bees have left the hive’: employees are more connected externally than they are internally. We lose management effort in managing the hive, in building structures and plans. The bigger picture, a ‘shared endeauvour’, so that people are engaged and can manage themselves, is far...

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