Volgens Donald H. Taylor hebben we een 'Divided Profession'

Dossiers VOV-Beurs
Don H Speaking

1. You hosted/chaired Learning Live in London in september earlier this year. What are your 4 key take aways of this conference?

The key take away for me is that we have a divided profession.

Some people – those who make the effort to develop themselves – are going to be equipped to deal with a future of organizational learning very different to our practice today.

They can do this by learning, by building and maintaining networks and by understanding the major trends in our field.

Those who don’t develop themselves in these ways are going to be taken by surprise and will be unable to adapt to the new demands of a very different environment.

2. Your book on Learning Technologies focuses on the implementation of these technologies. Which key challenges do organisations need to overcome to be able to implement these?

The key challenge is that we...

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