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09 07
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Developing team engagement with EQ

Wouldn't it be great if teams could just get on with their job, and get on with each other? The reality is that emotions drive people and this brings complexity and often challenge for any manager. We can use EQ skills to deal with this reality. In this highly-interactive workshop, you'll decode ‘why’ EQ is a business imperative for developing high performing teams and delve into ‘how’ to use several practical EQ tools to engage and sustain teams, particularly during change.

This workshop provides leaders with:

  • Individual EQ Profile offering insight and a common language for all participants
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence and supporting neuroscience – the what and the why
  • Survey of work challenges faced by participants in the room to increase relevance
  • Overview of the Six Seconds model of emotional intelligence to drive understanding and implementation
  • Understanding the link between neurodiversity, emotional intelligence and effectiveness
  • Exercises on workplace related issues and using Brain Styles to help solve challenges
  • Rehearsal for reality to embed actions back in the workplace
  • Optional Master Class provides strategy to implement team engagement in the organisation

Workshop Overview:

  • Part 1: 09h00-12h00: Insight to engage people

    Participants are engaged in the what and the why of EQ to build a business case for this learnable set o skills to develop team engagement & cohesion

  • Part 2: 13h00-16h00: Interact and activate ideas

    We explore real world issues faced by managers of teams and co create ideas to tune in to and develop emotional intelligence personally and collectively as a team. Rehearsal for reality offers opportunity to grow confidence and practice new ideas in a safe setting.

  • Part 3: 17h30-19h00: Reflect to devise and then implement strategies for success.

    This optional part of the programme focusses on devising and implementing strategies for success. Leaders take away a set of ideas for micro projects, development plans and tools to deliver better team engagement and positive team climates in their organisation

Katharine Roff (UK) is the Network Director for Europe with Six Seconds, the global non profit dedicated to growing emotional intelligence. Her work involves supporting individuals, teams and organisations across Europe to develop and practise emotional intelligence to increase personal and organisational effectiveness.

As a presenter and facilitator, the focus of her work is on bridging the gap between thinking and doing, enabling people to make practical and sustainable change for good. Hallmarks of her work include creativity, lively experiential learning and a solutions focussed collaborative approach. Katharine has been a lifelong learner and pioneer of creative training practice, she’s a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, counsellor, mentor and master practitioner in Emotional Intelligence. She began her EQ training with Six Seconds in 2011, and now commits to their vision of a billion people practising EQ by 2039. Katharine is an EQ Advanced Practitioner, EQ Assessor and specialist facilitator. She originally trained in drama and quickly realised the potential for using narrative to engage people in behaviour change. From safety leadership in oil and gas to communication in public health and team effectiveness in manufacturing organisations, she has a breadth of experience working with people who inspire and drive performance.

Katharine has founded and developed multiple businesses trading as sole traders, co operative organisations, limited and partnership companies, some of which have won awards for creativity and diversity. Other achievements include; Saving a life following a lightening strike, scripting and producing numerous theatre and film productions for clients globally, designing and publishing a variety of learning tools for diverse worldwide audiences.


dinsdag 9 juli 2019

08:30 - 09:00 Onthaal
09:00 - 19:00 Summerclass

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Locatie Lier
Adres Farm of Inspiration
Beekstraat 81
2500 Lier
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