Summerclass sessie 3 - L&D: Are we here to train people or to help our businesses succeed? They aren’t always the same thing

19 08
Summer Classes 2020

Rates of organisational change have increased exponentially over recent years, and this has caused L&D professionals to reimagine how they can support agile businesses and contribute to commercial success. The traditional approach of “training” first methodologies simply cannot keep pace with organisational ambition so L&D must evolve and quickly to remain relevant. I will share how Vitality have adapted to a high pace environment and the journey we have been on.

Session discussion points:

  • Traditional training approaches are pervasive throughout global organisations but how efficient are they and how do they stack up against learning theory. We will explore that in the session
  • L&D as a commercial entity: If continuous improvement functions must demonstrate that they save organisations money through constant improvements then why should L&D be any different?
  • How can L&D can lead with performance first conversations rather than training first solutions?
  • If training is the only tool at your disposal then it leaves you in a very limited position, how else can L&D add value?
  • The measure of L&D efficacy, what are the new benchmarks of L&D performance in an organisational context?

In het trendrapport Learning and skills at work van CIPD kan je meer vinden over Performance Supoort "Train people less, prepare them more" zoals Sebastian die voorstelt.


donderdag 19 augustus 2021

12:45 - 13:00 Welkomstwoord
13:00 - 14:00 Sessie

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  • 1 summerclass: € 75.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 175.00 excl. BTW voor anderen
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  • 3 summerclasses: € 125.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 225.00 excl. BTW voor anderen;
  • 4 summerclasses: € 150.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 250.00 excl. BTW voor anderen.

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