Summerclass sessie 4: Cross company essential skills portfolio: The strategist guide

26 08
Summer Classes 2020

Companies today spend countless hours and dollars working to recruit hires with the most in-demand skills while the majority of CEOs are worried that their current talent pool don’t have the skills needed to do the job. Due to the fast pace development of technology and global disruptions, it is not enough anymore to just train people to do existing jobs.

What is the role of L&D in skilling and reskilling efforts and how can we become strategic partners in unlocking workforce potential?

Join Goni’s session to learn why Teva embarked on this journey. How a multi-layered skills enhancement strategy was designed to accelerate teva’s strategy and ensure employees have the relevant skills and experiences to effectively perform their role today and in the future.

Session highlights:

  • Skill enhancement strategy and L&D framework
  • Formulating a cross company essential skills shortlist
  • Bring vision to life - overview of learning landscape and bespoke solutions
  • Implementation and adoption approach
Goni Fisherman


donderdag 26 augustus 2021

12:45 - 13:00 Openingswoord
13:00 - 14:00 Sessie

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  • 1 summerclass: € 75.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 175.00 excl. BTW voor anderen
  • 2 summerclasses: € 100.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 200.00 excl. BTW voor anderen;
  • 3 summerclasses: € 125.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 225.00 excl. BTW voor anderen;
  • 4 summerclasses: € 150.00 excl. BTW voor VOV'ers of leden van Stimulearning; € 250.00 excl. BTW voor anderen.

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